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European Technology Cooperation "Internet of Energy for Electric Mobility" is on its way!


Oslo, Norway – December 22, 2011


The 3 year EU-project 'IoE-Internet of Energy for Electric Mobility' will focus on opportunities from smart-grid developments to enable and support the large-scale uptake of electric mobility in Europe. The Internet will be connected with the energy grids to enable intelligent control of energy production, storage and distribution; these are all key infrastructure enablers for the widespread use of electric vehicles.


The IoE project will propose an architecture and distributed embedded systems to implement the Real-Time interface between the smart energy grid (infrastructure) and a cloud of devices/loads at the edge (users). For example, electric vehicles, residential and commercial buildings, offices, electric devices and domestic appliances can be plugged into and charged by a variety of electric energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric, etc. The underlying architecture distributed Embedded Systems, combining power electronics, microprocessors, sensors, storage technologies, algorithms and software.


The Internet of Energy will provide an intelligent and efficient network that seamlessly links energy utilities to operators and energy consumers.


The IoE project consortium brings together 40 partners from 10 European countries - mobilizing Europe's best industrial and research capabilities in the area of embedded systems, energy, semiconductors, end users and vehicle OEMs.


The total budget for the ARTEMIS IoE project is Euro 45 million, half of which is funded by the 40 industry and research partners. The other half is provided by the ARTEMIS (Advanced Research & Technology for Embedded Intelligence in Systems) Joint Undertaking organization and ten national funding authorities in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain and United Kingdom.


The ARTEMIS IoE project partners


 The IoE project participants are, in alphabetical order, semiconductor, embedded systems, power module and software companies, OEMs, manufacturers of electronic modules and equipment as well as academia: ACCIONA Infraestructuras S.A., Spain; Alma Mater Studiorum-Universita Di Bologna, Italy; Asociacion De La Investigacion Y Cooperacion Industrial De Andalucia "F. De Paula Rojas", Spain; Birmingham City Council, UK; Cellstrom GmbH, Austria; Centro Ricerche Fiat, Italy; Centrosolar AG, Germany; CISC Semiconductor Design+Consulting GmbH, Austria; City Motion AS, Norway; Elektrobit Wireless Communications Ltd, Finland; EMTELE, Finland; Enel Distribuzione SpA., Italy; EPYON B.V., Netherlands; Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Spain; Green Power Technologies, S.L., Spain; INDRA SISTEMAS S.A., Spain; Infineon Technologies AG, Germany; Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Austria; Infineon Technologies UK Ltd, UK; Institut Mikroelektronickych Aplikaci s.r.o., Czech Republic; INTEGRARE, Italy; Lantiq A GmbH, Austria; Lantiq GmbH, Germany; Nokia SIEMENS Networks, Finland; NXP, Netherlands; ON Semiconductor Belgium BVBA, Belgium; Politecnico di Torino, Italy; QINETIQ Ltd, UK; Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London, UK; SIEMENS AG, Germany; STIFTELSEN SINTEF, Norway; STMicroelectronics S.r.l., Italy; Technikon Forschungs- und Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Austria; TECHNOLUTION B.V., Netherlands; The University of Sheffield, UK; Triphase, Belgium; TU Braunschweig, Germany; VTT, Finland; Vysoke Uceni Technicke V Brne, Czech Republic; ZEM AS, Norway.


Project Coordinator: SINTEF, Norway. Contact: Dr. Ovidiu Vermesan.


About the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking: The ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (JU) is a public-private partnership focusing on Embedded Computing Systems that brings together the ARTEMIS member States, the European Union, and ARTEMISIA, (a non-profit Industrial Association representing European R&D actors in this field). The ARTEMIS JU was set up in February 2008 and will manage and co-ordinate research activities through open calls for proposals through a 10-year, € 2.5 billion research programme on Embedded Computing Systems.