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NANOelectromobility Public Event, 27 JANUARY 2012, Seville, Spain


The "NANOelectromobility" Public Event, 27 JANUARY 2012 is organized by the partners in ARTEMIS JU projects POLLUX and IoE addressing nanoelectronics and embedded systems developments for electric mobility in collaboration with the ENIAC E3Car project. The event includes as well a poster session where different ARTEMIS and ENIAC projects addressing electro mobility applications will be present.


"NANOelectromobility" Public Event is designed to bring together the public authorities, government policy makers and the technical experts from different European countries working in the field of the nanoelectronics and embedded systems, communications, automotive and electric energy utilities to address the technological, industrial, infrastructure and market challenges for electric mobility applications.


The goal is to present the activities related to electro mobility, renewables, infrastructure, the connection to Smart Grid/Internet and emphasis the involvement of the partners from different European countries and capture the interest of the public authorities, the industry, research and academia in Andalucia Region.


“NANOelectromobility” Public Event Agenda


The "NANOelectromobility" Public Event is focusing on technology based Innovation addressing the hot topics of the present and future EV industry value chains:

  • Energy storage and management,

  • Electric vehicle powertrain and bidirectional charging,

  • Electric vehicle architecture,

  • Embedded systems modules for electric mobility applications

  • Communication technologies developments for electric mobility

  • Vehicle integration with information and communication technologies

    • Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)

    • Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I)

    • Vehicle to Grid and Internet Connection (V2G+I)

  • Internet of Energy Architecture

  • Battery management systems and integration with the uni- and bi- directional charging modules

  • Charging stations (AC and DC fast charging stations)

  • Communication platforms and energy broker integration for electric mobility

VENUE: Engineering School of the University of Seville, Spain